Have Your Say in the 2015 EBA

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The “We’re All In” website has been set up by the ETU QLD/NT Branch to inform and educate Electrical workers in the Contracting/Construction industry about the 2015 EBA Campaign.

For our members it’s a place to get up to date information as the campaign progresses and to update your details to let us know where you are and who you’re working for so we can keep you informed and involved.

For non- members it’s a place where you can not only join the Union but learn about the history of our EBA and get involved in this EBA Campaign to better your wages and conditions.

If you don’t have a UNION EBA at your workplace you are getting ripped off and bringing down wages and conditions in your industry. Now is the perfect opportunity to stand with other Electrical workers who have fought before and achieved a UNION EBA with the wages and conditions that Electrical workers deserve. So Stand Up, Get on Board and Get Involved we have proven what we can do as educated, organised Electrical workers when WE’RE ALL IN.